Notice of SHIP Funding Availability

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) Wakulla County Housing Authority Announces the Anticipated Availability of Funds for the Wakulla County State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Funds for the State Fiscal Year 2021/2022
The Wakulla County Housing Authority anticipates receiving $315,000 in funding for State Fiscal Year 2021/2022 (which excludes administration costs), State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program to be used for the following Local Housing Assistance Plan strategies: Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation, Demolition/Replacement, and Homebuyer Purchase Assistance. Please note that funding for rehabilitation or replacement will only be used to support existing housing.  The strategies are as follows:
  • Homebuyer Purchase Assistance Strategy
The purpose of this strategy is to provide down payment assistance and principal reduction to first-time homebuyers that are eligible under the SHIP guidelines. The maximum amount of SHIP funds that may be awarded per unit is $15,000. Potential homebuyers will be required to qualify for a mortgage through a financial institution. Up to $15,000 may be applied towards securing the home. Homebuyers may not have claimed homestead exemption in the last three years. Funds will be awarded on a first come, first ready-to- close basis. Funding for this category is very limited.
  • Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation/Replacement Strategy
The purpose of this strategy is to provide repairs or improvements needed for safe and sanitary rehabilitation or replacement and/or correction of code violations. The maximum amount of SHIP funds that may be awarded per unit is $35,000 for Rehabilitation or $100,000 for Replacement. The decision on whether the house is to be considered for replacement or rehabilitation will be made by Wakulla County. The homeowner must claim homestead exemption and the home must be occupied by the owner to be considered for rehabilitation or replacement. Applicants are limited to assistance once every (10) years. Applications will be considered as directed by the Local Housing Assistance Plan.

All interested persons will need to initially apply or re-apply. SHIP Applications will be available beginning Monday, May 17, 2021 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, EST, Monday thru Friday by calling Jay Moseley, Government Services Group, Inc. at (850) 681-3717 or via online at Applications can be picked up at the following address:
Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners
3093 Crawfordville Highway
Crawfordville, Florida
Applications must be returned by mail to Government Services Group, Inc. at the following address:
Government Services Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 357995
Gainesville, FL 32635-7995
All applications will be considered on a first come/first qualified basis using the LHAP priorities regarding funding strategy goals and limitations.  Funding priority for all categories will be persons with special needs as defined by 420.0004 Florida Statutes. Awards for all strategies is subject to availability of funds. Questions regarding the SHIP program and application process should be directed to Jay Moseley, Government Services Group, Inc., at (850) 681- 3717.