Wakulla County Onsite Sewage Treatment And Disposal System (OSTDS) Regulatory Update

Wakulla County has announced significant regulatory updates Made by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), affecting property owners within the Priority Focus Area (PFA) of its Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP). Starting May 1, 2024, repairs or modifications to septic systems within the PFA must include upgrades to nitrogen-reducing systems to lessen nitrogen pollution in groundwater and waterways.

To assist with the financial burden of these upgrades, the county will offer up to $9,000 in grants through the Septic Upgrade Incentive Program, starting April 15, 2024, for eligible homeowners within specified areas of the Wakulla Spring BMAP. These measures aim to protect water quality and support homeowners during the transition.

For more details on these regulations, eligibility for financial assistance, and to check if your property is affected, visit https://ow.ly/tp8H50R3tQg or contact the Wakulla County Department of Health at 850-926-0400.