Parks & Facilities Management



 Cody Solburg, Director
 Parks & Facilities Management
 (850) 926-7227

The Wakulla County Parks & Facilities Management Department is committed to providing our community with a variety of leisure activities to escape from the everyday life. Our parks, piers, and boat ramps are prime examples of a safe fun filled environment that provides a place to enjoy Wakulla great outdoors. The Parks Division lends a hand in our community when it comes to showing the faces of tomorrow the concept of enjoying life to the fullest.  As our community continues to grow the Parks Division will continue to strive to provide the best activities and facilities for our community. 

If you are interested in renting any of these facilities click here for the park rental application.

Wakulla County Alcohol Permit Application (Woolley Park and Shell Point Park ONLY)

Contact Information 
PHONE (850) 926-7227  and FAX (850) 926-1083
Parks Facilities Coordinator - Dolly Mitchell ~