Wakulla County Announces New GIS Portal Available for Citizens

Wakulla County Announces New GIS Portal Available for Citizens

Crawfordville, FL -  The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners and Department of Planning & Community Development is pleased to announce the Wakulla County GIS Portal.  The GIS Portal is available to the public and was developed to assist citizens in locating a variety of information.  The Portal will initially feature 5 interactive maps to include Fire Hydrant Locations, County Owned Parks and Facilities, Hurricane Evacuation Information, the Wakulla County Future Land Use Map, and a Supervisor of Elections Map.  

When using the Fire Hydrant Locations Map citizens will have access to a tool that allows them to find the closest hydrant located to their address. This tool will also provide homebuyers, realtors, and insurance agents quick, easy and accurate information for reducing insurance rates. Each hydrant location also identifies the water service provider for that area.

The Parks and Facilities map provides residences the opportunity to locate all County owned parks and boat ramp facilities within a set distance of their home. By clicking on a specific location, the user will find a brief description of the facility and what amenities each facility has to offer.

Knowing your Hurricane Evacuation Zone is very important in the event of an emergency.  The Hurricane Evacuation Zone Map will allow you to not only see what zone you are in, but also shows you the closest evacuation route, along with shelter locations within the County. During disaster situations, GIS personnel will work closely with Emergency Management to provide real-time updates regarding zones under evacuation as well as opening of shelter locations.  

The Wakulla County Future Land Use Map allows you to search the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Designation for lands within the entire County. Convenient access to the Future Land Use Map will ensure citizens are aware of current density allowances, as they relate to new development throughout the County. Each designation contains a brief description of density and intensity provisions.

Use of the Supervisor of Elections Map will aid in identifying your Commissioner and their respective District. This map also demonstrates each Precinct Zone within the County and polling locations to show where you should vote based on your home’s location.

Each map includes a search feature to explore by property address are parcel identification number.  Navigation of the maps may also be conducted by scrolling to a location of interest. Additionally, driving directions may be provided by selecting a desired destination point within the map. Icons within each map may be used to identify points of interest and/or provide details about that such feature.

Check the GIS Portal periodically for updates. Additional maps and updates to existing maps will become available as staff continues to improve the GIS Portal.

The Wakulla County GIS Portal is available for viewing at https://wakulla-county-maps-wakullaplanning.hub.arcgis.com/ and a link can also be found in various locations on the County’s Website (www.mywakulla.com).   For additional information related to this story, please contact Brandon Geiger, GIS Specialist at (850) 926-0919 ext. 747.