Administrative Regulations

Administrative Regulations Chapter 1 – Administration

AR: 1.01 Personnel Policy

AR: 1.02 Wireless Communication Devices

 AR: 1.03 Administration of Volunteers Serving on Boards, Committees, Commissions, and Other Advisory Groups

AR: 1.04 Title VI – Non-Discrimination Policy and Plan for Programs Receiving Financial Assistance

AR: 1.05 Defense of Public Officers, Employees, or Agents

AR: 1.06 Safety Policy

AR: 1.07 Purchasing Card Guidelines

AR: 1.08 Use of Social Media

AR: 1.09 Wakulla County Designated Receiving System and Behavioral Health Transportation Plan  

AR:1.10 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan 

AR: 1.11 Travel Policy

AR: 1.12 Electronic Signatures 

Administrative Regulations Chapter 2 – County Commission

AR: 2.01 Rules of Procedure for Meetings of the Wakulla County BOCC

AR: 2.02 Procedure for Commissioner Committee Assignments        

AR: 2.03 Communications Media Technology

Administrative Regulations Chapter 3 – Finance

AR: 3.01 Fund Balance Policy

AR: 3.02 Debt Policy

AR: 3.03 Budget and Financial Policy

AR: 3.04 Revenue Stabilization Fund

AR: 3.05 Fixed Asset

AR: 3.06 Accounts Receivable Write-Off

AR: 3.07 Non-Profit Grant Funding Procedures

AR: 3.08 Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Policy

AR: 3.09 Disbursing Accounts Payable Obligations and Vendor Information Changes

Administrative Regulations Chapter 4 – Parks and Facilities

Administrative Regulations Chapter 5 – Recreation

AR: 5.01 Recreation Department Volunteer Program

Administrative Regulations Chapter 6 - Procurement       

Administrative Regulations Chapter 7 – Building

AR: 7.01 Expedited Permitting for Affordable Housing

Administrative Regulation Chapter 8 – Planning and Community Development

AR: 8.01 Family Enclave Agreement

AR: 8.02 Road Closure Policy

AR: 8.03 Road Opening Policy

AR: 8.04 Development Plan Review and Inspection Process         

AR: 8.05 Architectural Standards Guidelines for the Crawfordville Town Plan Core District

AR: 8.06 Personally Identifiable Information Policy

AR: 8.07 Emotional Support Animal Requests for Accommodation

AR: 8.08 Construction Certificate Management Procedures

AR: 8.09 Live Local Act Implementation

Administrative Regulations Chapter 9 – Revenue Collections

Administrative Regulations Chapter 10 – Public Works

AR: 10.01 Private Road Acceptance

AR: 10.02 Wastewater Installment Payment Program

AR: 10.03 Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

AR: 10.04 Voluntary Assessment Program

AR 10.05 Wastewater Collection and Transmission Standards

Administrative Regulations Chapter 11 – Fire Rescue

AR 11.01 Volunteer Firefighter and Stipend Program

AR11.02 Fire Cadet Program

Administrative Regulations Chapter 12 – Public Services

AR: 12.01 Disposition of Unclaimed Remains Administration

AR: 12.02 Public Records Request Procedures

AR: 12.03 Records Management

Administrative Regulations Chapter 13 – Animal Services

AR: 13.01 Animal Services Policy & Procedure