Fire Protection

Fire Protection Class
Effective November 1, 2023, all of Wakulla County has an ISO Rating (Fire Protection Class) of 5/5X.  Wakulla County Fire Rescue is a combination paid and volunteer service, with career first responders on duty 24/7.

WCFR is comprised of 33 full-time firefighters, 16 part-time/flex firefighters, and 12 volunteers.  Firefighters work in three shifts (48-hours on, 96-hours off), and there are 13 firefighters on duty at all times.  Each shift is led by a Battalion Chief and a Captain.

Pumper/Tanker Resources
•  3 Available 1000-gallon Pumpers, with pumping capacity of 1,250 GPM each
•  5 Available Tankers, with tank capacity of 12,000 gallons each (3000 GPM)

Wakulla County Hydrant and Station Map