Burning Regulations

Before burning, always check the
Florida Forest Service
Fire Danger Map

The following statewide regulations apply to all outdoor burning activities:

Recreational Fires:

Recreational open burning of vegetative debris and untreated wood in a campfire, ceremonial bonfire, outdoor fireplace, or other contained outdoor heating or cooking device is allowed, as long as the fire is attended at all times and completely extinguished before leaving the premises.

Residential Yard Waste Fires:

Open burning of “yard waste” (defined as leaves, shrub trimmings, grass clippings, palm fronds, and brush) on residential premises of not more than two family units is allowed, provided that the below requirements are met.

1.  You may only burn yard waste generated on your property.  You may not burn brush transported from another location.  You may not burn anything besides natural vegetation (no trash, lumber, paper, etc.).

2.  Burning is only allowed during the daytime (9:00am to one hour before sunset).

3.  The burn pile may not exceed eight feet (8') in diameter.

4.  The following set backs must be observed:
       •  The fire must be 150 feet from any occupied building
       •  The fire must be 50 feet from any public roadway
       •  The fire must be 25 feet from any wildlands, brush, or non-occupied structures

5.  The burn must be attended at all times, with fire extinguishing equipment (water hose, shovels, etc. ) readily accessible.

All other burning activities require permit authorization from
Florida Forest Service.