Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates are provided to Wakulla County during the permitting process to demonstrate compliance with Wakulla County floodplain management ordinances. Elevation Certificates are also used when determining the appropriate insurance rate for each building. Some insurance companies may request an Elevation Certificate for your home. Copies of recent Elevation Certificates can be obtained through the Citizenserve Portal or by contacting the Wakulla County Building Department at (850) 926-7636.

To access Elevation Certificates through the Citizenserve Portal please click on the link provided below and utilize the following steps:

                          1) Visit the Citizenserve Portal.

                          2) On the CitizenServe home page, click on the Reports tab

                          3) Click on EC Document Lookup

                          4) Enter the address you wish to search for
                              (It is recommended to enter just the street number of the address)