Benefits Summary



Wakulla County offers full coverage health insurance through its current provider, Capital Health Plan (CHP).  Through CHP you automatically receive access to CHP Connect, a secure, online personal health record available to all members.  Some features of CHP include:  Health Conversations including such topics as Diabetes, Improved Sleep, Smoking Cessation, Health Eating and Exercise; Health Trackers allows you to track your health information while away from your physician’s office.  You have the ability to track BP, blood sugar, body mass index, cholesterol, Hemoglobin a1C, peak flow readings, pulse, temperature and weight.  All of which can be printed and taken to your next physician’s office visit.  Health Risk Appraisal, Healthwise Knowledge, Health Information Line, Lab results, ID Cards and a Health & Fitness Reimbursement up to $150 per calendar year.    Premiums are extremely reasonable for the average employee with a single premium rate of $4.62 a month. 

The latest in telemedicine is available to all full-time employees at no cost to the employee.  1.800MD does not replace your primary care physician.  It provides you and your eligible dependents with 24/7/365 access to U.S. board certified doctors and pediatricians by phone or online video.  It is a convenient option that allows you to talk to a doctor who can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, when appropriate, for many of your medical issues.  1.800MD doctors are licensed in Florida and average 15 years of practice experience.  With your consent, 1.800MD will provide information about your consult to your primary care physician.

Currently provided by Guardian Insurance.  Three affordable plans are offered for you to choose from.  Premium expenses range from $10.99 to $132.55 per month depending on the number of dependents covered and selected plan.

Wakulla County offers, at no cost to the employee, a $20,000 term life insurance policy to protect your family or other beneficiaries in the event of your death.  The death benefit helps replace the income you would have provided and can help meet important financial needs.  Employees can also enroll in voluntary life insurance at a group rate.

Sometimes referred to as a 457B plan.  The 457 plan is a type of nonqualified, tax advantaged deferred compensation retirement plan that is available for governmental and certain non-governmental employers in the U.S.  In other words, this is a program that allows you to defer compensation on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction.    Employees can choose between VALIC (Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company) and Nationwide Retirement Solutions.

Employees receive 13 paid holidays as follows:  New Years’ Day, Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday, Good Friday, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving (2 days),  Christmas (2 days), and New Year’s Eve.

ANNUAL LEAVE (excluding Sr. Management and Public Safety Personnel):
            *40 hour work week

  • Up to 5 years’ service                                     8 hours per calendar month
  • 6-10 years’ service                                          10 hours per calendar month
  • 11-20 years’ service                                        13 hours per calendar month
  • 21+ years’ service                                           15 hours per calendar month

Senior Management

  • Up to 5 years’ service                                     10 hours per calendar month
  • 6-10 years’ service                                          12 hours per calendar month
  • 11-15 years’ service                                        14 hours per calendar month
  • 16+ years’ service                                           15 hours per calendar month

Public Safety (EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter)
           * 53 hour work week

  • Up to 4 years’ service                                     12 hours per calendar month
  • 5 -9 years’ service                                           14 hours per calendar month
  • 10-14 years’ service                                        17 hours per calendar month
  • 15-20 years’ service                                        20 hours per calendar month
  • 20+ years’ service                                           22 hours per calendar month

All full-time employees receive eight (8) hours per calendar month with no limit on the amount of time which may be accumulated.  An employee who voluntarily terminates from County employment shall only be paid for 25% of the sick leave accrued up to 240 hours (maximum of 60 hrs.).  No payment will be made on sick leave accrued above 240 hrs.

Up to three (3) consecutive working days for any death in the immediate family.  This leave will not be charged against the employee’s annual or sick leave. 

Wakulla County is a member of the Florida Retirement System.  Employees are required to pay 3% of gross salary on a pre-taxed basis with the Board of County Commission contributing the remaining amount.  Benefits payable as follows:
  • Pension Plan – after 8 years of service upon reaching age 65 or 33 years of service regardless of age; or
  • Investment Plan - after 1 year of service and one full calendar month termination from FRS employment regardless of age.


Tuition Reimbursement
The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners offers a very competitive Education Reimbursement Program for professional and vocational job training.

Direct Deposit
Electronic transfer of net pay into any bank or credit union.

Section 125 Plan
Deduction for payment of insurance premiums, health care reimbursement, and dependent care, paid with “pre-tax dollars”.

Court Duty
An employee who is legally summoned to serve on a jury during a court trial or subpoenaed may be permitted absence with pay for the time required for such duty.

Employee Assistance Program
The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all employees and their immediate family members.