Emergency Medical Services


The division on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides advanced life support care on a 24 hour basis to all of Wakulla County.   There are three stations manned at all times.  During the current budget year a director’s position was changed to a shift supervisor position to allow for around the clock supervision.  The Supervisor also is assigned to man a fourth ambulance when situations arise that are exceed the capabilities of the on duty resources. 

An EMS unit is stationed in Crawfordville, Medart and Wakulla Station. Over the years EMS has transformed into a service capable of delivering the nest pre-hospital care during any emergency situation presented by our citizens. 

EMS Billing is handled in house and generates over $750,000 to aid in the funding of this service. This is slightly less than the total budget for this operation.

Over the past year, under new leadership, changes have been made to improve the Billing department including software updates for report charting as well as billing. 

EMS is moving forward with providing pay incentives to employees that currently are dual-certified in Florida as firefighters to be able to use their skills to help during fire emergencies. This procedure will provide employees from Fire and EMS that hold dual certifications the ability to perform two types of skills which in turn saves the county thousands of dollars in salaries.   

Over the past three years EMS averages approximately 3200 responses annually. 

Marvin Walters    EMS Chief   mwalters@mywakulla.com   (850) 745-8698