Animal Control

Wakulla County Animal Control Officers enforce animal related laws, ordinances and policies mandated by the State of Florida and Wakulla County; to protect the public from animals to the extent required for public health and safety; to balance the needs of animals, owners, non-owners and the general public; and, to diligently prevent the inhumane and malicious treatment of any living animal.

Emergencies - If you have an emergency regarding a sick, injured or aggressive stray domestic animal, please contact Animal Services at (850) 445-6480 to report the incident. 

Animal Control Officers have the authority to pick up and confine any animal and issue a warning notice or citation to the owner of any animal that is picked up or confined. 

Owners of the impounded animals are responsible for payment of all boarding costs, fines imposed and other fees required to humanely and safely keep the animal during impoundment upon release. No animal shall be redeemed to its owner until the required fees are paid or otherwise resolved with the animal control authority.  If the fees are not paid or otherwise resolved, the animal becomes the property of the animal shelter.

**Fees for reclaiming a lost pet are $30 for first incident, $75 for second, and $250 for third.  Proof of current annual rabies vaccine is required.  Rabies vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.  The vaccine is paid for at Animal Services then the animal must be transported immediately to the vet’s office by the owner for the vaccine.  The veterinarians office will fax a copy of the certificate.

Animals impounded for more than 5 days shall become the property of the County.  After the 5 day holding period, Animal Services may then put the animal up for adoption.  Before any animal is placed for adoption from the animal shelter, the animal must be neutered or spayed with the following exceptions:

  • The animal is claimed by its owner
  • The animal is under 6 months old, if female; or eight months, if male
  • A licensed veterinarian determines surgery at the time is inadvisable, and the director of animal control extends the time limits within which the animal must be sterilized.

Florida Wildlife Commission handles all calls regarding wildlife.   If there is a wildlife animal that is in need of rescue or has become a nuisance, please contact:
Florida Wildlife Commission – 850-245-7710
Florida Wild Mammal Association – 850-363-2351 (leave message)

Related Florida Statues and Wakulla County Ordinances

Section 823.15 Florida Statute
Chapter 6 of the Wakulla County Code of Ordinances