Wakulla County's Floodplain Management Program is Found Compliant


Wakulla County’s Floodplain Management Program is Found Compliant

The Florida Division of Emergency Management recently completed its National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Assistance Visit (CAV) for Wakulla County and found that the County has a compliant floodplain management program.  The Board of County Commissioners and their staff have worked diligently to ensure development in the floodplain progresses in a manner that meets all applicable Federal and State regulations.  As such, the State reported to FEMA on May 25, 2018 that Wakulla County is operating in compliance with all regulations of the NFIP.  

By ensuring that NFIP requirements for construction in flood prone areas are met, such as elevating structures and the use of breakaway construction in ground level storage areas, the County has ensured that its participation in the NFIP will continue.  This is crucial as this participation keeps Wakulla’s residents eligible to purchase flood insurance and the door open to federal disaster assistance.  In conjunction with this program the County also participates in the voluntary Community Rating System (CRS), which provides insurance premium discounts for floodplain activities that go above and beyond the minimum required.  Following these guidelines is not only important for protecting citizen’s lives and their property, but it also protects the natural functions of the environment.  By requiring that new development meet the NFIP regulations, the amount of damage to structures from flooding is reduced and thereby less insurance claims are filed.  In turn, natural disasters are not as costly as they could otherwise be and this saves taxpayers money in the government’s response to those disasters.  “Wakulla County is proud to continue its participation in the NFIP and CRS programs to help the environment and its citizens”, said David Edwards, County Administrator.

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