Planning and Community Development

S. Strickland
 Somer Pell, Director
 Planning & Community Development
 (850) 926-3695
 [email protected]

The Planning and Community Development Department will be closed to the public, effective Friday, March 20, 2020 until further notice, in response to COVID-19.  Our Operating Procedures are as follows:
  1. All inquiries and requests for information should be handled via phone or email at the contact information contained herein.
  2. Requests for Development Permit Applications (DPAs) may be handled via phone, email, fax or via the Citizen Serve Online portal. You may call the Planning Department for guided instructions and/or assistance with the Citizens Serve Online portal.
  3. Any items that require hand delivery may be placed in the mailbox located in front of the Building Department, next to the green fence. If items are placed in this box, for either the Planning Department or Building Department, please contact the appropriate Department to inform them of the item’s presences. Please note that any items left in this box will be held in quarantine for a minimum of 24 hours before being reviewed by staff. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS AFTER REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS AND DO NOT LEAVE CASH!
  4. All Planning and Community Development Applications (change of zoning, plats, site plans, etc.) will continue to be accepted via email or the outside drop box method. Staff will review and process each application to the fullest extent possible. Any of these applications which require public hearings for approval will be scheduled accordingly when public hearings resume.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Planning and Community Development Contact Information
(850) 926-3695 – Office
(850) 926-1528 – Fax

Susan Vickers, Assistant Planner      [email protected]
Lynda Brahier, Code Enforcement Officer    [email protected]
Hannah Dudley, Planning Technician       [email protected]
Brandon Geiger, GIS Specialist           [email protected]
Somer Pell, Director                               [email protected]   

The Planning and Community Development Department provides current and long-range comprehensive  planning, subdivision and site plan review, concurrency management, zoning and land use administration and implementation, housing, code enforcement, historic preservation and other special projects.

Lynda Brahier
Code Enforcement Officer
[email protected]

Susan Vickers
Assistant Planner
[email protected] 

Hannah Dudley
Planning Technician
[email protected]

Brandon Geiger
GIS Specialist
[email protected]

Office Phone ~ (850)926-3695

Office Fax ~ (850)926-1528