Intergovernmental Affairs, Contracts & Procurement



 Sheree Keeler, Director
 Intergovernmental Affairs and RESTORE Act
 (850) 926-0919

The Intergovernmental Affairs Department serves as the liaison and the point of contact for information, programs and initiatives relating to:

  • Adopted Infrastructure Plan
  • BP Oil Spill: RESTORE Act, Triumph Gulf Coast, NRDA Projects
  • Bike Trails
  • Economic Development  
  • Federal and State Programs and Grants
  • Federal and State Legislative Affairs
  • Procurement

 ADOPTED INFRASTRUCUTRE PLAN (AIP):  The County adopted an Infrastructure Plan in 2012, in an effort to bring together in one cohesive document an inventory of primarily County owned and operated facilities, property and infrastructure projects.  The projects range from new initiatives to improvements and repairs and maintenance to existing resources.  The AIP provides a road map for committing funds and resources on projects that will best serve the citizens of Wakulla County and to enhance the experience of our visitors. 

 BP OIL SPILL OF 2012:  On April 20, 2010, an unprecedented event occurred when the Deepwater Horizon mobile drilling unit exploded, caught fire, and eventually sank in the Gulf of Mexico.  This tragic event killed 11, injured 17 workers and released massive amounts of oil, natural gas and other substances from BP’s Macondo well into the Gulf of Mexico.   The five Gulf Coast State (Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida) immediately suffered from the environmental and economic damages of this event.  In 2016, a settlement was finally reached between BP and US Justice Department on the civil and criminal fines levied against BP. 

BIKE TRAILS:  The County developed a masterplan for Bike Trails, Sidewalks and Kayak/Canoeing paddling trails throughout the County to connect Wakulla cities and communities as well as Leon, Franklin, Jefferson and Taylor county. 

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  The County’s point of contact for current information, County initiatives and regional planning.  The Director of Intergovernmental Affairs also attends state, regional and local partners and stakeholder meetings.   

FEDERAL AND STATE PROGRAMS AND GRANTS:  Federal and state laws, policy and programs have a tremendous impact on local government’s funding, resources, programs and policies.  The Office of Intergovernmal Affairs serves as a liaison between County offices and state agencies regarding new and changing state and federal policies and program, including grant opportunities specifically for local government programs and services.


FEDERAL AND STATE LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS:  Each year bills are filed and passed that directly influence and impact local government programs and services.   The Intergovernmental Affairs identifies and monitors legislation that could have an impact on local government and works with County and State leadership on support or opposition of proposed legislation.  Annually in preparation for the upcoming legislative season, the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs develops a list of recommended County legislative priorities for funding and initiatives to support or oppose.  Approval of the priorities establishes the framework for pursing federal and/or state funding and other legislative policy actions.


Procurement and Contracts Section

Contact:  Rachel Hardwick, Coordinator
               850-926-0919 X 704

Procurement Activities (i.e., ITBs, RFP, RFQ, and other procurement exceeding $25,000) as well as the resulting contracts are managed and coordinated through this office. 

  • Active Vendor List:  (link to Active Vendor page)  Wakulla County has an active vendors list for the purpose of Competitive Procurements.  Vendors interested in receiving an e-mail notification of advertised procurement opportunities must register there company on the Active Vendor List and identify the particular category of commodities, equipment or services in which they provide.
  • Ethics in Procurement:  The County and its employees strive to maintain integrity and ethics in purchasing by adhering to its Procurement Ordinance #2015-2 as well as applicable federal, state and local laws.  County employees are required to maintain complete independence and impartiality in dealing with vendors, both in face and appearance, and to ensure there is public confidence that all procurements are managed and awarded equitably, economically and in accordance its Procurement Ordinance #2015-2.  County employees engaged in procurement activities subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing and the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees contained in Chapter 112, Part III, Florida Statutes.  Vendors are respectfully requested to refrain from offering anything of value to staff engaged in procurement activities.
  • Open and closed procurement documents. 
  • Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MBE/W) Program:  The County honors and accepts certification status from the City of Tallahassee, Leon County and the State of Florida, Office of Supplier and diversity as well the Florida Department of Transportation, DBE program ion lieu of creating its own Certification Program.     The County may also consider and accept certifications from other State of Florida, County or City programs on a case by case basis. 
  • Procurement Policy:    The County conducts all procurement in accordance with it Procurement Ordinance #2015-2.   

Grant Management:  This office also assists in the management of grants awarded to the County, including the related procurement and contracting activities.