Permit Fee

Please keep in mind, we do our best to ensure all building department associated fees are up to date and available however, this site does not include any other local, state or federal fee(s) that may be due in addition to your building department permit.

Building department permit fees by resolution

Wakulla county ordinance 27.070 requires all new construction of a single family residential structure  be assessed a solid waste and fire fee, which is to be collected at the time of certificate of occupancy

Collection of Solid waste and fire (MSBU) fees at time of certificate of occupancy 

For New Construction Sewer Access Concurrency Letter and applicable fees Contact Public Works 

As a courtesy to our customers, Wakulla county building staff will file your properly prepared Notice of Commencement (N.O.C.) for you, to our Clerk's office. We will only accept checks for this service, made out to the Wakulla County Clerk of Court. Fees for this document are:

1 page: $14.00
2 pages: $22.50
3 pages: $33.00 

•Please check with our Clerks office for any additional fees at (850)-926-0905